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After years as a CPA, you might think you know what to expect of a CPA firm. Strict deadlines and long hours are commonplace in this industry.

But at Redpath, we strive to be different.

Call us crazy, but we believe that work shouldn’t take over your life and that you should enjoy coming into the office. That’s why we work to foster a culture that is fun and engaging. Don’t take our word for it. Keep reading to see what our employees have to say about working at Redpath.

Why Redpath?

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My career at Redpath has evolved and adapted to me over the past ten years. I feared the day I would have to choose between a rewarding career and being a full-time mom. Working for Redpath has given me the flexibility I need to have both.  I enjoy a fast-paced, engaging work environment with enough day-to-day flexibility to be active in my children’s lives and volunteerism.
-Ashley R., Manager, Tax and Benefit

I was burned out of public accounting and didn’t want to deal with the hours anymore. I was asked to try Redpath, who promised work-life balance. This is the first firm that actually follows through on their promise of flexibility. The processes of doing the work at Redpath is seamless and truly fits in with my home life.
-Barrent D., Manager, Tax and Benefit

Redpath and Company has a small-firm feel but tremendous opportunities. Everyone knows most everyone and is very personable.  I don’t feel as though I am just a number. I am a part of the firm and I bring value to the firm.  There are unlimited opportunities to advance, as well as opportunities to try new things and take the right career path for me.
-Meagan W., Senior Manager, Tax and Benefit

The culture here is different than I’ve experienced at any other firm, I look forward to coming to work and have become close friends with my co-workers.  From the day I started, I was happy with the decision I made to come here, and I would recommend Redpath and Company to anyone else considering a change!
-Megan H., Senior I, Assurance and Accounting

I love working at Redpath and Company. There is an incredible amount of opportunity here—no one has ever told me I can’t do something and there is no standard track for advancement.
-Meghan M. Senior I, Assurance and Accounting

The Redpath leadership team recognizes that employees of all levels are the future of the firm, and they show it by keeping personnel involved in all client communication and interaction.  We operate as a team rather than a top-down approach.  The relationships I have made inside and outside the firm at Redpath will last beyond my career.
-Ryan E., Senior Manager, Assurance and Accounting

The firm believes in its employees and rewards us for our hard work. We have happy hours, games, plenty of food, and random awards which add some fun to the long hours.
-Tracy E., Senior I, Business Tax Services